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    Make your software testing process incredibly productive, minimize manual & automated testing efforts, cut cost & time with CodeMinter

What is CodeMinter?

CodeMinter is a natural language online development environment & SaaS-based platform for Software Test Automation. With using our test editor & integrated programming code generator CodeMinter allows to describe your test scenarios in plain text & get high-quality automated scripts on the fly.

Who is it for?

Anyone who looking for a modern and productive automated testing solution. Anyone who wants to minimize their manual and/or automated testing efforts, cut costs & automation setup time. Anyone who cares about the quality of their web apps, from startup to medium-sized businesses.

Why use it?

With accessible from anywhere environments you can work more efficiently than before. Create your automated tests up to 70% quicker. Decrease your money and time expenses for test automation and infrastructure deployment. No coding skills, no installation required! Create, build & run your tests!

How It Works

Create your test scenario

Write test-scenarios in plain English using our online Test Editor

Create your test scenario

Create your test execution

Specify test scenarios you want to include into test execution (i.e. test suite)

Create your test execution

Run your automated tests

Specify your test configuration & launch your tests

Run your automated test

That's it, you're done!

Yes, it really is that easy. Sit back, relax and admire your test results report.

Still not fully convinced?


Available anywhere online IDE. Use it at work, from home and on the road, from any computer or operating system without having to install software or configure anything.


Use simple English to describe your manual test-scenarios and create your automated scripts, simultaneously, from on point and with one-time effort.


Transform your textual scenarios into high-quality programming code on the fly. Get the resulting code based on OOP paradigm & pattern-oriented approaches with ease.


Teams can collaborate on projects and bring an amazing results for rapid testing of any project and at any stage.


Run your automated tests where you want - locally in your own infrastructure or in our Cloud-based environment with the launch directly from your browser.


No vendor lock-in or any binding to our platform. Use as you go, pay as you go. Take away your test projects and automated tests source code in any programming language you want once you decide to leave us & proceed with test automation on your own.


Code completion suggestions appear as you type to help you write test scenarios much faster and avoid typos.


Color schemes help you easy to read & understand your tests. Embedded syntax validator inspects the formation & structure of your test scenarios.


Reuse previously declared pages, steps & data. Test steps are written once can be reused throughout your project.